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Creating a sitemap for search engine optimization

A sitemap is a list, used to enumerate pages of your site and make them easier to be crawled by search engines.

By using a sitemap, you help crawlers to find pages into your site that couldn’t be indexed automatically. Pages with dynamic content, broken links, etc are good samples.

Mayor Search Engines, like Google, Yahoo and MSN have adopted and supported the Sitemap.org ‘s protocol, which defines the XML structure a sitemap file must have.

If you are a WordPress user, there’s a plugin you can use to create your sitemap automagically through the administration section.

Once your sitemap file is created, you can inform search engines let’s start crawling using it. There are three basic procedures to do that,

  • Using search engine submission tool
  • Referencing your sitemap file in robots.txt
  • Making an HTTP Request